September iphone pics

Looking back over my iPhone pictures from the last couple of months makes me exhausted- we have been so busy!  Here are some of my favorite, or most memorable, moments from the last few weeks…

One evening Foster had fallen asleep on the couch at about 7:00pm and Cash went to sleep at 7:15 so me and Emma went on a girls’ trip to Target!  I love one-on-one time with each of the kiddos but girl time with Emma is especially special.  She is my only daughter and I just cherish our time together.  

IMG 9247


Now that Foster and Emma are both in school full day I have a lot more one-on-one time with Cash which I love.  He is such a fun kid, he makes me laugh constantly.  Here we are at Bentley park one Monday morning.  

IMG 9668


Cash at 21 months:

IMG 9671


We took advantage of “Back to School” night at Emma and Foster’s school to have a date night!  We had a 45 minute break between the two classes so we went for a quick Starbuck’s run!

IMG 9674


This guy is definitely a “Cool Little Dude!”

IMG 9701


Here is Emma before going to a birthday sleepover at her good friend Marissa’s house.  Marissa lives in our neighborhood Emma wasn’t too far away but I sure missed her!  

IMG 9706



The same night that Emma went to a sleepover Robin took Foster to the Jenks-Union football game at TU stadium.  I had the whole house to myself after Cash went to bed and it was GLORIOUS!  I think I paid bills or something really boring like that. :)IMG 9716


I LOVED getting to go to Foster’s school for “Cooking with Mom” on a Thursday afternoon.  Here is Foster with his good buddy, Henry.  

IMG 9733

IMG 9734


I took Cash to a Music class on a Friday morning and he absolutely loved it.  He is a music guy for sure.  

IMG 9736


We have had so many pretty weather days lately!  Here are Foster and Cash playing with chalk on the driveway.  

IMG 9762


The Car Show at our church was another huge success. Our family loves going every year.  I didn’t get very many pictures this year but here is one of Robin and Foster by one of Foster’s favorite cars.  

IMG 9767


Cash had a great time at the car show too! 
IMG 9771


Me and Emma got to go to our very first GA sleepover!  It was so fun!  We stayed up late painting nails and playing games.  We fell asleep snuggled together watching Frozen!  It was such a special night, one that I will never forget!  She did ditch me in the middle of the night to sleep next to her good friend, Bella.  I tried not to have my feeling hurt too much.  :)

IMG 9796


Crazy hair contest!  Emma’s group won the contest!

IMG 9805


Bella and Emma!

IMG 9810


Emma went to an adorable Birthday party at her good friend Mackenzie’s house.  They had an outdoor movie theater set up… it was so adorable and Emma had a great time! 

IMG 9817


One afternoon we had the Smith boys over for a little while and the boys had so much fun playing “real” football in the backyard!  2 sets of brothers, both around the same age.  SO cute!

IMG 9838


Not so cute… Cash has started throwing fits.  As in laying down on the floor throwing a fit.  Yes, we are nearing the TWOs!!!  It is still very tough for me to be mad at him though!!

IMG 9925


Last but not least, one of my favorite memories from the month was sitting on the back porch with Cash for about an hour watching the rain fall.  Here he is waving at the rain and saying over and over “Hi, Rain.”  

IMG 9955

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