Sibling Love

One of my greatest joys as a Mom is getting to watch the relationships between my 3 kids grow and develop.  These 3 kiddos love each other SOOO much.  Emma and Foster play with one another like best friends.  They also fight like best friends!  Just recently Emma and Foster have started including Cash in the mix and he LOVES playing with them.  You can tell that he so badly wants to be just like them.  Here are the 3 kiddos at our neighborhood block party a couple of weeks ago.  Each of them are showing their true colors in this picture!

IMG 9886


Ok, now this may seem weird to some but I am choosing to post it for memory’s sake.  Emma and Foster sleep in the same bed most nights.  For the longest time one would sneak out of their bed into the other bed and we finally decided it was just best to let them start in the same place!  Now typically, they have pajamas on every night.  On this particular night I was at work until late so Daddy did bedtime… and when daddy does bedtime sometimes pajamas are an after-thought!  I came home from work that night and found this.  I had to muffle my sniffling as I took these pictures.  Seriously, they love each other so much.  I know at some point we will probably have to break them of this habit! 

IMG 9832

IMG 9835


Foster and Cash at Target on a day that Foster had to stay home from school due to bad allergies.  They loved getting to hang out together that day! 

IMG 9855


I love this picture.  One afternoon I left Emma working on her homework at the kitchen table and when I returned I found this!!! Seriously, Cash wants to be just like her!  He was so serious, pretending to write.  He kept looking at her to copy her every move.  

IMG 9904

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