Soccer season has begun

This year it was Foster’s turn to try out an extracurricular activity!  He has patiently watched Emma do dance and soccer for his whole life so he was so excited to finally have his turn!  We signed up to play soccer on a team with some friends from church and some friends from his previous school.  His very first game day was a very rainy day!  Here are the kids ready to go to the game!

IMG 9601

IMG 9604


As we quickly learned last year when Emma played soccer, they rarely cancel soccer due to rain!  You just have to tough it out… and own a good raincoat and umbrella!

Here are: Foster, Nicolas, and Lathan, best buddies from Redeemer Preschool! 

IMG 9607


Robin is the assistant coach and the head coaches are our good friends Paul and Krista Smith.  

IMG 9609


IMG 9616


IMG 9618

IMG 9621



GOOOO Little Strikers!

IMG 9623


Brody, Foster, and John Parker, all good friends from church!

IMG 9627


Robin was the “head coach” for 2 of the games during the season.  He did such a great job.  I was so proud of him!  There is nothing more attractive than watching your husband coach your son on a team.  :)  

IMG 9719


At this age level the coaches get to be on the field right with the players to help guide them. 

IMG 9722

IMG 9723

IMG 9724


This picture was taken during a very HOT 2:30 game.  The boys were all very red in the face and over-heated. :(

IMG 9743

IMG 9748

IMG 9752

IMG 9753

IMG 9756


I love this picture.  Several of the boys decided it was cooler if they laid on the ground where the soil was cool!

IMG 9757


This picture was taken after game 4, when Foster scored his very first GOAL!!!!  We were so proud of him and that smile stayed on his face for the remainder of the day. 

IMG 9816

IMG 9863


During game 5 this random lion mascot was making the rounds at the fields greeting the kids.  Foster loved meeting him but it sure was distracting during the game!  :)

IMG 9865

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