Christmas Train

We FINALLY got to go to The Christmas Train at Dry Gulch this year!  I have tried for 2 years to get tickets but this is the first year I was successful!  We went on opening night, the Friday of Thanksgiving, November 28th.  The weather was perfect!   We got there right when the park opened and headed straight for the food!  Here is the entire crew, minus Mommy, eating BBQ!

IMG 2334

IMG 2335


IMG 0488


This Western Sheriff stopped to talk to our table and my Mom wanted a picture with him. :)

IMG 2339


Silly kiddos…

IMG 2342


After dinner we went shopping in some of the stores- they were so cute!  Here is a cute picture of Nana and Emma in one of the stores. 

IMG 0495


After shopping we put our name on the waiting list to see Santa and then we went to ride the carousel…

IMG 2348



IMG 2353

IMG 0502


After the carousel our pager buzzed and it was time to go see Santa!  Before going in the kids took a quick picture with Mrs. Claus.  

IMG 0491


Waiting to see Santa… Everyone was calm and happy, until we saw Santa 2 minutes later!

IMG 0507


Poor Cash-man.  He is always so happy.  I think Santa’s beard threw him off a bit.  I just love how the other 2 kiddos are smiling so perfectly. 

IMG 0510


After seeing Santa we decided we better get in line for the train.  By that time it was 9:00 and the line for the train was much shorter!  

Judy, Robin and Brandon:

IMG 0498


We got our boarding passes, ready to board!

IMG 2369

I didn’t take any pictures on the train, but the train ride was great!  Very powerful.  The kids really enjoyed it. 


IMG 0505

We had a great evening.  I think it was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season!  I look forward to going back in the future!

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

We had Thanksgiving Eve at our house on Wednesday like we have done for the past several years.  My Uncle Danny and cousin Dillon drove from Kansas that day and we were so excited to see them!  

IMG 0452


We fixed our traditional Hobo Stew and cornbread and it was yummy!

IMG 0453


For dessert we had a little cookie cake to celebrate our Thanksgiving Birthdays.  Danny and Foster’s Birthdays are both within a week of Thanksgiving.  

IMG 0455


The next day we went to my Mom’s house for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal!  She and Judy always do such a great job with everything!  We were also lucky to have Robin’s parents and Grandmom drive in from Texas for Thanksgiving- it was so great to have everyone together! 

IMG 0467


Foster and Dillon at the “kids’ table.” 

IMG 0477


Me and my Bro. 

IMG 0478


Cash was kind of the center of attention at dinner…

IMG 2323

IMG 2324

IMG 2331

IMG 2332


Cash and Great-GrandMom really bonded while she was here.  He followed her around everywhere and kept saying “C’Mon Ganmah!”  She loved it. :)

IMG 0473

Emma’s Pilgrim Program

IMG 0430


Emma’s 2nd grade class had their Pilgram Program on November 25th.  The kids each had pilgrim costumes that they made or purchased and they had worked very hard on their speaking lines.  We were so impressed!  We were especially impressed with our Emma… who spoke her lines clearly and confidently! 

IMG 0435

IMG 0437


Silly Emma (with her hat on backwards) and her good friend Marissa.

IMG 2301

IMG 2305

IMG 2306

IMG 2315


This is a very tight-knit class.  They have been together for 3 years now and I love the bond that they share with one another.  It is very special! 

Foster’s Thanksgiving Pow Wow

On November 21st Foster had his Thanksgiving Program at school… it was so cute!  The kiddos had adorable turkey hats on when we walked in the room and Foster had the cutest little grin on his face. :)  I didn’t get video during the program but it was very cute- they sang 3 songs with motions.  

IMG 1997


Foster standing next to his buddy, Corbin.

IMG 2000


Mrs. Bradshaw had each child come up to the front of the room as she announced their Indian name, given by their parents.  This was a homework assignment that Foster brought home the week before.  We were told to give them a name associated with the day they were born and to try to incorporate nature since that is where most Indian names came from.  We named Foster “Chief Bald Eagle” since he was completely bald the day he was born! 

IMG 2006


This was hanging in the hallway… I loved seeing what Foster is thankful for… his little brother Cash! :)

IMG 2010

Foster’s Soccer Party!

We had Foster’s 5th Birthday Party on Saturday, November 22nd.  He has been so into soccer this year so we had his party at Soccer City!

Here is Foster’s Birthday cake…

IMG 0412

IMG 0414


Foster had a blast playing on the field before his guests arrived!

IMG 2014

IMG 2023


Cash even got to participate…

IMG 2044

IMG 2057


Our soccer coach for the party, Devin, was so awesome- the kids loved him!

IMG 2064

IMG 2069

IMG 2098

IMG 2107

IMG 2115

IMG 2121
IMG 2140

IMG 2149

IMG 2162


The parents even got to “participate” in some of the games- I’m sure they were thrilled about that!

IMG 2178

IMG 2193

IMG 2199


After playing some games on the field we went to the party room where we had cake!

IMG 2205

IMG 2215

IMG 2220

IMG 2221


Next it was time for gifts!

I always love it when kiddos make their own cards- this one was so thoughtful!

IMG 2228


Love this picture… my Uncle Ron on the far left was listening to the OU game in his earbuds- YES, he is “that kind of fan!”

IMG 2239

IMG 2246

IMG 2251

IMG 2258

IMG 2266

IMG 2271

IMG 2276

IMG 2281


The look on Foster’s face here pretty well sums up the party- he had such a great day and felt so loved. He is blessed by some pretty awesome friends and family. 

IMG 2282

Foster’s “School Birthday Party”

We had Foster’s school Birthday party on Wednesday, November 19th.  His teacher celebrates monthly Birthdays on one date each month.  November just happens to be the most popular Birthday month in their class- they have FIVE November Birthdays, out of 20 students! 

He has such a sweet little class, they were all so excited to celebrate with cupcakes and snacks.  

IMG 0396


We absolutely love Mrs. Bradshaw.

IMG 0397

IMG 0399

IMG 0400

IMG 1975

IMG 1981

Foster’s “real” Birthday

Foster’s 5th Birthday fell on a Monday.  It was mostly a typical day.  Foster and Emma both went to school and we did our normal daily activities.  I asked Foster where he would like to eat for dinner and he begged to go to Chuck E. Cheese so that is just what we did. :) 

I called Robin to meet us there and we picked up some cupcakes on the way.  

Chuck E. Cheese has remodeled a bit since the last time we were there- the kids loved this funhouse.  

IMG 0360


This completely cracked me up… Emma and Foster are normally very scared of the Chuck E. Cheese mouse- especially Emma.  Not this time though- she just went right up to him and gave him a high five and was on the front row to do the Hokey Pokey with him!  Our kids always surprise us!  

IMG 0363


The highlight of Foster’s day was that he got to bring the classroom “Clifford Birthday dog” home with him.  Clifford came to dinner with us!

IMG 0367

IMG 0369


Uncle Brandon met us at Chuck E. Cheese.  Cash had a great time hanging out with Boom. 

IMG 0372


When we got home we opened some gifts.  

IMG 0376

IMG 0377


Yes, we got Foster Nerf dart gun.  We may regret that decision later!

IMG 0380


Here is our big 5 year old boy in his new Spiderman P.J’s ready to go to bed… with Clifford in a baby crib next to his bed! 

IMG 0384

Best Birthday Ever!

This year my Birthday just happened to fall on a Saturday, which also happened to fall on the Baylor-OU game which also happened to be in Norman.  There was no question- we were GOING to be at that game!  I have been looking forward to it for months!  

We are forever grateful to my Mom and Aunt Judy for watching our kiddos all day long so we could enjoy a road trip.

Here we are before we left- and yes, our outfits are bold- I was a little worried that we might get beat up by Sooner fans. 

IMG 0279


The tickets… my B-day present. :)

IMG 0230


IMG 0281IMG 0282

IMG 0285


I thought it was so cool that the Baylor football players all ran to the end zone to kneel to pray before the game. 

IMG 0287


The final score of the game was 48-14, BAYLOR whooped up!  It was pretty amazing.  

IMG 0289


Although I am a Baylor fan, I will always have Sooner blood…. you have to admit this is a pretty cute little mascot.  

IMG 0291


After the game we went to eat at The Mont… it was an hour wait but was totally worth it!  We pretty much ordered the most unhealthy stuff on the menu… hey, it was my Birthday!

IMG 0294


I took this picture on our walk to the car- my Dad LOVED Barry Switzer.  My dad would have loved to have gone to that game with us, but he sure wouldn’t have liked the outcome! :)

IMG 0297

Soccer Banquet

We celebrated a great first season for the Little Strikers at Mazzio’s on a Monday night… it was CRAZY but we had a great time!  

Here are the boys eating their yummy green cupcakes!

IMG 0177

IMG 0182

IMG 0185


Coach Paul passed out trophies to each of the boys.  Foster LOVES his trophy!

IMG 0196

IMG 0200


It was a great first season for the boys…can’t wait until next season!

IMG 0210

Great-Granddad’s Funeral

At the very end of October Robin’s Granddad went to be with Jesus.  We knew that the time was coming soon but it was still very sad.  We left Tulsa on Thursday the October 30th and traveled to Lubbock to be with family for the service. 

Here is Cash after a very looooong car ride.  He did great in the car! 

IMG 0061

IMG 0063


All of the cousins in the hotel breakfast room…

IMG 0064


This picture was taken during the graveside service.  Robin’s Dad officiated the service and all of the Grandsons and Grandsons-in-law served as pall bearers.  

IMG 0074


After the funeral the Great-Grandkids were a little bit wound up while all of the family was trying to visit.  We were able to occupy them once we found an iPad. :) 

IMG 0076  1


Pops even joined in on the fun!

IMG 0080


Here are a couple of group family pictures taken after the funeral… it was great to see several cousins that we rarely get to see!

IMG 0982  2

IMG 0994  1


The funeral was on Halloween Day.  We made the most of the situation and got to have Halloween with cousins!  

IMG 0133  1

IMG 0150

IMG 0151

IMG 0153


The kids got to Trick-or-Treat at Maw Maw’s retirement home.  It was so fun!  The kids got so much candy!

IMG 0114

IMG 0112


Our little skunk… I can’t believe I didn’t get more pictures of Cash in his costume.  Isn’t he just the cutest little skunk you’ve ever seen? 

IMG 0117


Tired baby boys… all FOUR of them. :)

IMG 0093