Best Birthday Ever!

This year my Birthday just happened to fall on a Saturday, which also happened to fall on the Baylor-OU game which also happened to be in Norman.  There was no question- we were GOING to be at that game!  I have been looking forward to it for months!  

We are forever grateful to my Mom and Aunt Judy for watching our kiddos all day long so we could enjoy a road trip.

Here we are before we left- and yes, our outfits are bold- I was a little worried that we might get beat up by Sooner fans. 

IMG 0279


The tickets… my B-day present. :)

IMG 0230


IMG 0281IMG 0282

IMG 0285


I thought it was so cool that the Baylor football players all ran to the end zone to kneel to pray before the game. 

IMG 0287


The final score of the game was 48-14, BAYLOR whooped up!  It was pretty amazing.  

IMG 0289


Although I am a Baylor fan, I will always have Sooner blood…. you have to admit this is a pretty cute little mascot.  

IMG 0291


After the game we went to eat at The Mont… it was an hour wait but was totally worth it!  We pretty much ordered the most unhealthy stuff on the menu… hey, it was my Birthday!

IMG 0294


I took this picture on our walk to the car- my Dad LOVED Barry Switzer.  My dad would have loved to have gone to that game with us, but he sure wouldn’t have liked the outcome! :)

IMG 0297

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