Cash in the Pumpkin Patch

On October 22nd I took Cash to the pumpkin patch by himself.  Things were so chaotic when we went with the big kids that I really didn’t have a chance to get a good picture of Cash with the pumpkins.  The weather was beautiful so we headed to the pumpkin patch at about 10:00 that morning.  We had the whole place to ourselves until about 10:30 when 6 large school buses arrived with field trip kiddos!  Luckily we got some cute pictures before the kids unloaded.  

I love these pictures- they really capture how fun Cash is at 22 months of age. 

IMG 0040

IMG 0407  1


So handsome!

IMG 0042


Cash has TWO sets of dimples… it is one of my most favorite things about him! 

IMG 0043

IMG 0044

IMG 0450

IMG 0454  1


IMG 0481


Cash LOVED the farm animals…. but he wanted to look at them from far away. :)

IMG 0489


He kept walking around with his hands behind his back like this…. Sometimes he acts like such a grown person! 

IMG 0504  1

I will always treasure these one-on-one memories of me and Cash.  He is just so precious. 

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