Christmas Train

We FINALLY got to go to The Christmas Train at Dry Gulch this year!  I have tried for 2 years to get tickets but this is the first year I was successful!  We went on opening night, the Friday of Thanksgiving, November 28th.  The weather was perfect!   We got there right when the park opened and headed straight for the food!  Here is the entire crew, minus Mommy, eating BBQ!

IMG 2334

IMG 2335


IMG 0488


This Western Sheriff stopped to talk to our table and my Mom wanted a picture with him. :)

IMG 2339


Silly kiddos…

IMG 2342


After dinner we went shopping in some of the stores- they were so cute!  Here is a cute picture of Nana and Emma in one of the stores. 

IMG 0495


After shopping we put our name on the waiting list to see Santa and then we went to ride the carousel…

IMG 2348



IMG 2353

IMG 0502


After the carousel our pager buzzed and it was time to go see Santa!  Before going in the kids took a quick picture with Mrs. Claus.  

IMG 0491


Waiting to see Santa… Everyone was calm and happy, until we saw Santa 2 minutes later!

IMG 0507


Poor Cash-man.  He is always so happy.  I think Santa’s beard threw him off a bit.  I just love how the other 2 kiddos are smiling so perfectly. 

IMG 0510


After seeing Santa we decided we better get in line for the train.  By that time it was 9:00 and the line for the train was much shorter!  

Judy, Robin and Brandon:

IMG 0498


We got our boarding passes, ready to board!

IMG 2369

I didn’t take any pictures on the train, but the train ride was great!  Very powerful.  The kids really enjoyed it. 


IMG 0505

We had a great evening.  I think it was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season!  I look forward to going back in the future!

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