Foster’s “real” Birthday

Foster’s 5th Birthday fell on a Monday.  It was mostly a typical day.  Foster and Emma both went to school and we did our normal daily activities.  I asked Foster where he would like to eat for dinner and he begged to go to Chuck E. Cheese so that is just what we did. :) 

I called Robin to meet us there and we picked up some cupcakes on the way.  

Chuck E. Cheese has remodeled a bit since the last time we were there- the kids loved this funhouse.  

IMG 0360


This completely cracked me up… Emma and Foster are normally very scared of the Chuck E. Cheese mouse- especially Emma.  Not this time though- she just went right up to him and gave him a high five and was on the front row to do the Hokey Pokey with him!  Our kids always surprise us!  

IMG 0363


The highlight of Foster’s day was that he got to bring the classroom “Clifford Birthday dog” home with him.  Clifford came to dinner with us!

IMG 0367

IMG 0369


Uncle Brandon met us at Chuck E. Cheese.  Cash had a great time hanging out with Boom. 

IMG 0372


When we got home we opened some gifts.  

IMG 0376

IMG 0377


Yes, we got Foster Nerf dart gun.  We may regret that decision later!

IMG 0380


Here is our big 5 year old boy in his new Spiderman P.J’s ready to go to bed… with Clifford in a baby crib next to his bed! 

IMG 0384

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