Foster’s Soccer Party!

We had Foster’s 5th Birthday Party on Saturday, November 22nd.  He has been so into soccer this year so we had his party at Soccer City!

Here is Foster’s Birthday cake…

IMG 0412

IMG 0414


Foster had a blast playing on the field before his guests arrived!

IMG 2014

IMG 2023


Cash even got to participate…

IMG 2044

IMG 2057


Our soccer coach for the party, Devin, was so awesome- the kids loved him!

IMG 2064

IMG 2069

IMG 2098

IMG 2107

IMG 2115

IMG 2121
IMG 2140

IMG 2149

IMG 2162


The parents even got to “participate” in some of the games- I’m sure they were thrilled about that!

IMG 2178

IMG 2193

IMG 2199


After playing some games on the field we went to the party room where we had cake!

IMG 2205

IMG 2215

IMG 2220

IMG 2221


Next it was time for gifts!

I always love it when kiddos make their own cards- this one was so thoughtful!

IMG 2228


Love this picture… my Uncle Ron on the far left was listening to the OU game in his earbuds- YES, he is “that kind of fan!”

IMG 2239

IMG 2246

IMG 2251

IMG 2258

IMG 2266

IMG 2271

IMG 2276

IMG 2281


The look on Foster’s face here pretty well sums up the party- he had such a great day and felt so loved. He is blessed by some pretty awesome friends and family. 

IMG 2282

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