Foster’s Thanksgiving Pow Wow

On November 21st Foster had his Thanksgiving Program at school… it was so cute!  The kiddos had adorable turkey hats on when we walked in the room and Foster had the cutest little grin on his face. :)  I didn’t get video during the program but it was very cute- they sang 3 songs with motions.  

IMG 1997


Foster standing next to his buddy, Corbin.

IMG 2000


Mrs. Bradshaw had each child come up to the front of the room as she announced their Indian name, given by their parents.  This was a homework assignment that Foster brought home the week before.  We were told to give them a name associated with the day they were born and to try to incorporate nature since that is where most Indian names came from.  We named Foster “Chief Bald Eagle” since he was completely bald the day he was born! 

IMG 2006


This was hanging in the hallway… I loved seeing what Foster is thankful for… his little brother Cash! :)

IMG 2010

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