Great-Granddad’s Funeral

At the very end of October Robin’s Granddad went to be with Jesus.  We knew that the time was coming soon but it was still very sad.  We left Tulsa on Thursday the October 30th and traveled to Lubbock to be with family for the service. 

Here is Cash after a very looooong car ride.  He did great in the car! 

IMG 0061

IMG 0063


All of the cousins in the hotel breakfast room…

IMG 0064


This picture was taken during the graveside service.  Robin’s Dad officiated the service and all of the Grandsons and Grandsons-in-law served as pall bearers.  

IMG 0074


After the funeral the Great-Grandkids were a little bit wound up while all of the family was trying to visit.  We were able to occupy them once we found an iPad. :) 

IMG 0076  1


Pops even joined in on the fun!

IMG 0080


Here are a couple of group family pictures taken after the funeral… it was great to see several cousins that we rarely get to see!

IMG 0982  2

IMG 0994  1


The funeral was on Halloween Day.  We made the most of the situation and got to have Halloween with cousins!  

IMG 0133  1

IMG 0150

IMG 0151

IMG 0153


The kids got to Trick-or-Treat at Maw Maw’s retirement home.  It was so fun!  The kids got so much candy!

IMG 0114

IMG 0112


Our little skunk… I can’t believe I didn’t get more pictures of Cash in his costume.  Isn’t he just the cutest little skunk you’ve ever seen? 

IMG 0117


Tired baby boys… all FOUR of them. :)

IMG 0093

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