Pre-Kindergarten Rodeo

Foster’s Pre-Kindergarten Rodeo was on October 24th.  It brought back so many memories of when Emma was in the same classroom for her Pre-K rodeo just 3 short years ago!  Foster is on the back left in this picture. 

IMG 0669


“She’ll be comin’ round the mountain!…”

IMG 0671

IMG 0688


Walking on the balance beam

IMG 0689


Decorating his pumpkin with melted wax

IMG 0693

IMG 0696


Foster loved showing us how he plays games on the Smart Board in his classroom- he was really good at the sorting game! 

IMG 0699


Foster and his good buddy, Corbin

IMG 0707  1


Bean bag toss

IMG 0714


Reading the 15 Silly Pumpkins poem

IMG 0720

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