Soccer Action Shots!

On Saturday, October 25th I took some “action shot” pictures of Foster and the boys at their soccer game.  It is really amazing how far the boys have come in just a short couple of months!  Foster has really grown to love soccer!


IMG 0727

IMG 0762


Hustle, hustle, hustle! 

IMG 0766


Waiting for a corner kick by John Parker

IMG 0770  1


Daddy coaching, or just moving the boys around on the field! 

IMG 0785

IMG 0787  1


Coach Paul, Foster, and Lathan

IMG 0791  1

IMG 0794

IMG 0797


These 3 boys were all in Preschool together at Redeemer last year and I am so thankful that they get to remain buddies on the same soccer team.  Lathan, Foster, and Nicolas are great kids. 

IMG 0803

IMG 0832  1


Foster looks hot and sweaty!

IMG 0848

IMG 0851

IMG 0855

IMG 0863

IMG 0874

IMG 0875

IMG 0876

IMG 0878


Getting ready for a throw-in

IMG 0879

IMG 0882  1

IMG 0946
IMG 0953  1


After every game the boys run through a tunnel made by the parents and siblings…

IMG 0959

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