Thanksgiving 2014

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

We had Thanksgiving Eve at our house on Wednesday like we have done for the past several years.  My Uncle Danny and cousin Dillon drove from Kansas that day and we were so excited to see them!  

IMG 0452


We fixed our traditional Hobo Stew and cornbread and it was yummy!

IMG 0453


For dessert we had a little cookie cake to celebrate our Thanksgiving Birthdays.  Danny and Foster’s Birthdays are both within a week of Thanksgiving.  

IMG 0455


The next day we went to my Mom’s house for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal!  She and Judy always do such a great job with everything!  We were also lucky to have Robin’s parents and Grandmom drive in from Texas for Thanksgiving- it was so great to have everyone together! 

IMG 0467


Foster and Dillon at the “kids’ table.” 

IMG 0477


Me and my Bro. 

IMG 0478


Cash was kind of the center of attention at dinner…

IMG 2323

IMG 2324

IMG 2331

IMG 2332


Cash and Great-GrandMom really bonded while she was here.  He followed her around everywhere and kept saying “C’Mon Ganmah!”  She loved it. :)

IMG 0473

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