Cash turns 2 years old!

Cash turned 2 years old on December 11th!  I really can NOT believe how time has flown.  

Cash is something special, he truly is.  Almost nightly while lying bed I turn to Robin and say, “Don’t you just love Cash?  Can we keep him?”  He always answers yes and yes. :)

Cash is so funny, he keeps us laughing on a daily basis.  He is also a MESS!  He has no fear and is quite a risk taker.  I really have to watch him like a hawk.  He loves Emma and Foster so much and he tries to do everything they do.  He goes to Mother’s Day Out two days/week but the rest of the week he and I hang out together! 

His birthday was fairly low key this year.  Unfortunately he got croup the day before he Birthday so we spent his actual Birthday at home dosing up on Motrin, fluids, and sitting by a humidifier.  Despite being sick he was still so HAPPY!

Here is a pic of Cash at the Dr’s office the day before his Birthday.  He had to get a Racemic Epinephrine breathing treatment. It helped almost immediately. 

IMG 0583


Here are Cash’s 2 year pics!  I just love his dimples. 

IMG 9404 copy

IMG 9412 copy

IMG 9461 copy


This picture was taken the morning of his Birthday.  Emma and Foster insisted that we wake him up for them to say Happy Birthday to him before they left for school.  This picture is so dark but I still love it. 

IMG 0603


I can’t talk about Cash’s “Birth”day without reflecting on his “birth.”  This guy came into this world with a bang and hasn’t stopped every since…

IMG 0104

IMG 0084  1

IMG 0278

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