Emma’s 8th Birthday Party

Emma was very excited to have a roller skating birthday party with her friends. We had her party on Friday, December 12th just a little before the madness of Christmas festivities! 

IMG 2382  1


Emma with her BFF Aubrey (and Daddy photobomb)

IMG 0619


Getting on the rink… several of these pictures are blurry…

IMG 2389


IMG 2394


Cash loved watching the big kids roller skate!

IMG 2409


IMG 2410


Aubrey Lynn skating!

IMG 2424


Pizza time…

IMG 2474


Happy Birthday to Emma!

IMG 2479


IMG 2491


IMG 0615


This was such a sweet moment… Cash and Nana being silly eating their cupcakes!

IMG 0679

IMG 2548  1


Opening gifts… Emma was so blessed by so many nice gifts from friends and family!


IMG 2563

IMG 2567

IMG 2574

IMG 2587

IMG 2595

IMG 2602


At the very end of the party they had the kids go out on the roller skating rink with their shoes on to dance to a few songs- I think that was Emma’s favorite part!

IMG 2626

IMG 0678

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