Joint family birthday parties

We had joint family Birthday parties for Emma and Cash on Saturday, December 13th at Chuck E. Cheese.  Cash loves Chuck E Cheese so we knew that would be an easy, fun time.  

IMG 2666


Cash loved playing all of the fun games… especially with Daddy!

IMG 0627


IMG 2648


The big kids loved this new maze/fun house.  They even talked Nana into going in it with them- she had no idea what she was getting herself into!  What a fun Nana. :)

IMG 2651


IMG 2654


Time to eat pizza…

IMG 2658


This red chair from Judy and Ron and Christi was quite a hit.  Now Cash has his own big chair for his room! 

IMG 2667


IMG 2668


We sang Happy Birthday twice… once for Cash and once for Emma!
IMG 0675

IMG 0676

IMG 2736


IMG 2740


More gifts!
IMG 2679

Emma got this awesome duffel bag from Aunt Judy and Ron and Christi.  It is from Pottery Barn Teen!



IMG 0646


Monster bowling… Cash loves this toy!

IMG 2703

IMG 2701



Emma is so into dogs right now… she had a fit over this stuffed dog from Nana!IMG 0648


IMG 0674



We had an awesome evening celebrating our big 8 year old and little 2 year old! IMG 0652


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