This year we did things a little bit differently regarding our Christmas plans.  Typically we go to Texas after Christmas day.  This year, however, we went a few days before Christmas and stayed until Christmas Eve.  We had a great time with Robin’s side of the family!

We were so thankful that Great-Grandmom got to come… she and Cash have such a special connection!

IMG 2909

IMG 2911
IMG 2913

IMG 2915

IMG 2917

IMG 2918


We attempted to take pics of Great-GrandMom with all of the Great-Grandkids from our family… Shepherd wasn’t a fan of the photo shoot!!!

IMG 2929


IMG 2937

IMG 2944


We gave Zane this Captain America costume for Christmas… he loved it!!
IMG 2950


Christmas craziness…

IMG 2959


Cash and Shep… they are just 2 weeks apart!

IMG 2965

IMG 2967

IMG 2969


What a cool Pops… he played video games with the kiddos for quite a while.  

IMG 2986


IMG 2993

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