Chinese New Year

This year the Chinese New Year fell on Thursday, February 19th.  Emma is in the Chinese Immersion program so this day is a very big day for she and her classmates!  They always have a dragon parade and then participate in some fun games together. 

IMG 3268


Working with chopsticks

IMG 3461


Something was funny here…

IMG 3462


Emma and Aleah

IMG 3471


Marissa, Nina, and Emma

IMG 3484  1


The night of the Chinese New Year we decided to go the Royal Dragon to eat dinner.  They have a Chinese Buffet and then they do a Lion Dance and fireworks to celebrate the New Year.  The Zimmermans met us there also, this pic was taken before they got there. 

IMG 1230



IMG 1233

IMG 1239

IMG 1231


IMG 1240


Fortunately this year I am on the Yearbook Committee so I have been able to sneak into her classroom a few times this year to get some pictures of the kids.  It is fascinating to watch the kids in the Chinese Immersion program.  They speak in Mandarin Chinese exclusively while in their Chinese classroom for half of the day.  I loved just listening and absorbing while I was in that classroom!  These pics were taken in Chinese Immersion…

IMG 3182IMG 3183IMG 3209


Reading books in Chinese…

IMG 3226


Small group reading with their teacher, Hui. 

IMG 3248


The Chinese Immersion program has been perfect for Emma.  The thing we love the most is that these kids stay together for 5 years- they know each other and accept each other so well.  They are like brothers and sisters.  Emma loves her classmates so much and it is really neat to watch them together.  She does not speak Chinese to us at home at all, but we know that she knows it, because her teachers tell us she knows it!  She can read it, write it, and speak it.  I am in awe of how much she has learned in 2 and a half years.  




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