Christmas Morning 2014

I LOVE Christmas Morning.  There is nothing like being with your family and seeing the joy in your kids’ faces when they wake up! 

Here is the scene of Christmas morning BEFORE the kids woke up. :)

IMG 3037

IMG 3022


IMG 3024


IMG 3028

IMG 3045


Here are the big kids waking up Cash… yes, he has quite a few things in his crib! 

IMG 3052


IMG 3058


IMG 3071

IMG 3072


IMG 3081


Next up… Nana’s house!

IMG 3100


Robin opening his gift from Nana!  He loved it! 

IMG 3117


Judy, Foster, Emma, Nana, and Cash

IMG 0754


Uncle Ron and Emma

IMG 3122


Emma, Haley, and Sara.  Haley and Sara were so thoughtful!  They gave Emma several of Haley’s American Girl Doll items including an awesome bed for two American Girl dolls!!

IMG 3124


After opening gifts it was time for Nana and Judy’s delicious Christmas lunch…Cash loved it!

IMG 3129



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