December iphone pics

Here are some random iPhone pics from December…

Emma and Claire at choir- they were both wearing ivory vests!

IMG 0553


Corbin and Foster- good buddies from school.  We picked up Corbin one day after school and these boys were SO silly in the car! 

IMG 0556


This was a day or so before Cash’s birthday- Fallon and Craig sent him this cool flashlight for his birthday and he would not put it down! 
IMG 0589


This picture was taken on a snowy day a few days after Christmas.  All 3 kids were working very hard on something in our craft room. :)

IMG 0772


Emma and Nana both got gift certificates for pedicures for Christmas.  We went to get pedis all together.  Foster went along for the ride and sat on my lap.  He loved watching everyone and thought the massage chairs were SO cool. 

IMG 0777

IMG 0779

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