Emma’s Baptism

Emma was baptized at our church on Sunday, February 15th.  She asked Jesus to come into her heart almost 2 years ago- April 19, 2013.  Emma has been very nervous and terrified of going in front of the church to announce her Salvation and/or being baptized in front of a lot of people.  We decided not to push her and to allow it to be her decision.  About 4 months ago she decided that she was ready to go forward in church.  She decided late on a Saturday night and we were so excited for her! 

We then had to work out the details of when she would be baptized… she really wanted her Pops to baptize her.  He is a Baptist Minister in TX and it was very difficult for him to take a Sunday off in December or January.  We were able to nail down Feb. 15th because Robin’s Mom had a 3 day weekend and he could take that Sunday off at his church.

Emma was very excited about her Baptism Day.  I went back to the baptistry with her at about 10:15 and at about 10:25 her bestest friend in the whole world opened the door and brought her flowers. :) I still remember when we went back stage to visit Aubrey before her Baptism several years back.  Such a sweet memory. 

IMG 1202  1


Emma and Aubrey checking out the water… unfortunately there was a problem with the heat pump that day and we discovered that the water was freezing cold.  I was very nervous that Emma would back out or not walk into the water.  At this point it was too late to remedy the situation. 

IMG 1197

IMG 3401


IMG 3402

IMG 3411


Right before the baptism.  Emma was the only one being baptized that day… all of those men on the other side were just helping backstage. 

IMG 3415


Nervous smile…

IMG 3416

IMG 3419


IMG 3425


Here we go… she walked confidently into the water… just like a polar plunge!

IMG 3427


Pops said some very sweet words about Emma being his oldest Grandchild… I may have been crying backstage…

IMG 3431

IMG 3435  1

IMG 3436


That look on her face is “I AM FREEZING!!!”

IMG 3437


My very sweet friend Candace took some pictures from the audience for me… she put together this collage…


IMG 1316




I love having these pictures from the front- such treasures. 

IMG 1317

IMG 1318

IMG 8451


IMG 8452


IMG 8454

IMG 8458


Emma is so loved- we are so thankful to all of our family for traveling and coming to be with us on her special day.  

IMG 3439



IMG 3443


IMG 1203


We headed to Mazzio’s for lunch after the service.  Here are Cash and Emma sharing a smile. 

IMG 1207


It was such a wonderful day, such an important day in Emma’s life.  We are so proud of her!

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