February iPhone pics

February was quite a weird month!  Here are some snapshots from my phone over the past several weeks…

Poor Cash was sick quite a bit during January and February.  He had croup, RSV, and a very strange forehead rash! He missed several days of his Mother’s Day Out.

Here he is on Super Bowl Sunday.  We were just getting ready to leave for a Super Bowl party when he spiked a fever. :(

IMG 0991


This is the saddest picture ever.  I took it to send to Robin to show him how sad Cash was… he rarely does this.  He is usually SO happy. 

IMG 1001


This is blurry… but I wanted to document Foster’s 100 day of school project- he glued 100 cotton balls on a Snowman.  He loved doing this project. 

IMG 1008


One of the funnest things I did during the month of February was talk to Foster’s class about being a nurse!  They were studying community helpers and I got to talk to them for about 20 minutes about my job as a nurse.  The kids were just hilarious and Foster was so happy to have me there.  I brought several “tools” to show them (stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer, bandaids, tongue depressor, BP cuff, etc.)  

IMG 1009


Once a month on a Wednesday afternoon we have a house cleaner come to our house and Cash and me have to find somewhere to GO to get out of the house.  We usually go to my Mom’s house (she is at work) and we eat lunch and then I put him down for a nap in a pack ’n play.  Cash LOVES going to Nana’s house.  He heads straight for her toy closet- I’m pretty sure he things her toys are much cooler than the ones we have at our house. :)

IMG 1015


Ok, so this is the horrible forehead rash.  At first we thought it was just some red bumps from where he ran into a wall in our house.  However, we soon realized it was something else!  Our pediatrician was very puzzled by this but thought it was probably related to him being sick.  We got some antibiotic ointment to put on it. He missed several days of school and church (before the bumps were crusted over and healing.)  I took him to a Dermatologist 2 weeks after the spots first appeared because the spots still weren’t gone and she said we just needed to keep putting the same ointment on.  She said they were healing, he wasn’t contagious, and we just had to wait it out.  Bizarre! I am happy to report that the spots are finally gone. Poor guy!

IMG 1089


We had a lot of fun playing on the park with some friends on a beautiful 70 degree day!

IMG 1101


This was a picture taken at Emma’s follow-up appt for her adenoid/tonsil surgery.  The doctor said she looked great! 

IMG 1112


Pops and Gigi and Tommy and Crystal and kids came to town for Emma’s baptism on Feb. 13th.  We went to the park on Saturday night and it turned out to be a lot colder than we thought it would be- we only stayed for 10 minutes! 

IMG 1187

IMG 1189


We got a snow day on Feb. 17th, Robin’s Birthday.  Me and Emma decided to pick up Aubrey and take her for a pedicure.  The girls had a blast and felt SO BIG.  

IMG 1214


Oh my word, they are drinking Starbuck’s hot chocolates.  I feel like I am seeing a glimpse into their future.  They picked the same nail polish colors by the way. 

IMG 1216


We celebrated Robin and Judy’s Birthdays on Friday, Feb. 20th.  We went to Cheddar’s and then had cake and ice cream at Nana’s house.  Here is their yearly birthday cake picture. :)

IMG 1266

IMG 1264


Foster got to go to several fun Birthday parties this month.  His two best buds from school both have Birthdays on Feb. 17th- the same day as Robin’s Birthday!  Here are Foster and Corbin at Henry’s Birthday party.

IMG 1272


And here is Foster at Corbin’s Birthday party.  Corbin’s mom made handmade superhero capes for all of the kids! 

IMG 1278


This isn’t a fabulous picture but it is one that I want to remember.  The big kids were at school, I had just waken up Cash and we sat in his room and watched some light snow falling down.  He kept saying “ooh, ahhh, coooold!”  We watched the snow for about 30 minutes.  In that moment I had tears in my eyes.  I am so grateful that I get to share these moments with my kids.  I remember doing this with Emma and Foster when they were little… they grow up SO FAST.  Thankful for small moments like this. 

IMG 1330


Emma started taking an art class at school on Thursday afternoons.  Two of her good friends are in the class also. This is one of the pieces of art she made… she said it is called “Op Art”- like optical illusion. Emma really loves art. 

IMG 1344


Me and the kiddos went to see Mary Poppins at the high school with my Mom on Thursday night.  We were blown away by the talent- so amazing! The kids loved it. 

IMG 1346


Foster had his fairy tale day at school on Feb. 27th.  He got to dress as a prince, knight, or King!  Here is my handsome Knight in Shining Armor! 

IMG 1355


This is a picture of Foster and Emma at the same age, on the same day of school, 3 years apart. :)

IMG 1356


We were supposed to go to TX on Feb. 27th to spend the weekend with the Rowes and Kreys in Allen.  We had tickets to an Avett Brother’s concert on Saturday night.  Friday morning it started snowing in Texas and we started hearing about accidents and horrible road conditions there.  We couldn’t leave until about 3:30 that day and that is right when bad weather started in Oklahoma.  :(  At 3:00 we made the very sad decision to not travel on Friday.  We decided to see if the roads improved at all Saturday morning.  Unfortunately we woke up to weather advisories in every county of Oklahoma.  

Here was a map of traffic conditions mid-day on Friday. Look at all of the wrecks!

IMG 1358

Here was a picture out my front car windows when picking up the kids at 3:30. 

IMG 1363

IMG 1369


We were so sad to miss out a fun time with our friends, but we tried to make a smart, safe decision. The weather did not work with us that weekend! 

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