January 2015 iPhone pics

Whew!  January seems to have just flown by!  Once November hits and we celebrate all 3 kids Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I feel like I spend the entire month of January recovering! :)

Here are a few random iPhone pics from the month of January.

Here are me and Cash getting ready to watch the Baylor Cotton Bowl game.  Robin was actually at the game.  We will not discuss the outcome of the game. :(

IMG 0790

IMG 0793


Cash checking out Ron’s new house!

IMG 0814


Cash playing with his good buddy Braylin

IMG 0884


I know this picture is blurry but you can get an idea… Cash frequently invades my makeup drawer.  On this particular day I caught him putting mascara on!

IMG 0896


This guy is such a mess… he went through about a one week phase of unzipping his pi’s about halfway down his chest- hilarious!

IMG 0940


Emma is such a big girl… here she is getting ready to go to a sleepover! 

IMG 0977


We had a blast celebrating Brandon’s birthday.  We have kind of made a it a tradition to go bowling for his b-day.  The kids love it! 

Nana and Cash at the bowling alley…

IMG 0979


Daddy and his matching boys

IMG 0984


Uncle Boom bowling…

IMG 0987

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