We had such a fun night with friends at the Garth Brooks concert.  Although Robin and I have every one of Garth’s albums (between the two of us) neither of us had ever been to a concert.  He was just as amazing as everyone said he was.  He is quite a performer.  Here we are with the Smiths and the Zimmermans.  

IMG 0857

IMG 0858

IMG 0861

IMG 0866


The reason I’m laughing here is a funny story.. .I laughed so hard I cried and took me a while to regain control! 

IMG 0868

IMG 0869

IMG 0870

IMG 0878

January 2015 iPhone pics

Whew!  January seems to have just flown by!  Once November hits and we celebrate all 3 kids Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I feel like I spend the entire month of January recovering! :)

Here are a few random iPhone pics from the month of January.

Here are me and Cash getting ready to watch the Baylor Cotton Bowl game.  Robin was actually at the game.  We will not discuss the outcome of the game. :(

IMG 0790

IMG 0793


Cash checking out Ron’s new house!

IMG 0814


Cash playing with his good buddy Braylin

IMG 0884


I know this picture is blurry but you can get an idea… Cash frequently invades my makeup drawer.  On this particular day I caught him putting mascara on!

IMG 0896


This guy is such a mess… he went through about a one week phase of unzipping his pi’s about halfway down his chest- hilarious!

IMG 0940


Emma is such a big girl… here she is getting ready to go to a sleepover! 

IMG 0977


We had a blast celebrating Brandon’s birthday.  We have kind of made a it a tradition to go bowling for his b-day.  The kids love it! 

Nana and Cash at the bowling alley…

IMG 0979


Daddy and his matching boys

IMG 0984


Uncle Boom bowling…

IMG 0987

December iphone pics

Here are some random iPhone pics from December…

Emma and Claire at choir- they were both wearing ivory vests!

IMG 0553


Corbin and Foster- good buddies from school.  We picked up Corbin one day after school and these boys were SO silly in the car! 

IMG 0556


This was a day or so before Cash’s birthday- Fallon and Craig sent him this cool flashlight for his birthday and he would not put it down! 
IMG 0589


This picture was taken on a snowy day a few days after Christmas.  All 3 kids were working very hard on something in our craft room. :)

IMG 0772


Emma and Nana both got gift certificates for pedicures for Christmas.  We went to get pedis all together.  Foster went along for the ride and sat on my lap.  He loved watching everyone and thought the massage chairs were SO cool. 

IMG 0777

IMG 0779

Christmas Morning 2014

I LOVE Christmas Morning.  There is nothing like being with your family and seeing the joy in your kids’ faces when they wake up! 

Here is the scene of Christmas morning BEFORE the kids woke up. :)

IMG 3037

IMG 3022


IMG 3024


IMG 3028

IMG 3045


Here are the big kids waking up Cash… yes, he has quite a few things in his crib! 

IMG 3052


IMG 3058


IMG 3071

IMG 3072


IMG 3081


Next up… Nana’s house!

IMG 3100


Robin opening his gift from Nana!  He loved it! 

IMG 3117


Judy, Foster, Emma, Nana, and Cash

IMG 0754


Uncle Ron and Emma

IMG 3122


Emma, Haley, and Sara.  Haley and Sara were so thoughtful!  They gave Emma several of Haley’s American Girl Doll items including an awesome bed for two American Girl dolls!!

IMG 3124


After opening gifts it was time for Nana and Judy’s delicious Christmas lunch…Cash loved it!

IMG 3129



Christmas Eve 2014

On Christmas Eve we drove home from Texas around mid-day and quickly got ready to have dinner and write letters to Santa.  Emma used her brand new art set from Craig and Fallon to write her letter to Santa…

IMG 0748


Cash pretended to write a letter also…

IMG 2999

IMG 3002


Foster’s letter to Santa…

IMG 3003


Emma’s letter to Santa…

IMG 3005


Pretending to eat Santa’s cookies!

IMG 3013

IMG 3021

This year we did things a little bit differently regarding our Christmas plans.  Typically we go to Texas after Christmas day.  This year, however, we went a few days before Christmas and stayed until Christmas Eve.  We had a great time with Robin’s side of the family!

We were so thankful that Great-Grandmom got to come… she and Cash have such a special connection!

IMG 2909

IMG 2911
IMG 2913

IMG 2915

IMG 2917

IMG 2918


We attempted to take pics of Great-GrandMom with all of the Great-Grandkids from our family… Shepherd wasn’t a fan of the photo shoot!!!

IMG 2929


IMG 2937

IMG 2944


We gave Zane this Captain America costume for Christmas… he loved it!!
IMG 2950


Christmas craziness…

IMG 2959


Cash and Shep… they are just 2 weeks apart!

IMG 2965

IMG 2967

IMG 2969


What a cool Pops… he played video games with the kiddos for quite a while.  

IMG 2986


IMG 2993

Emma’s Birthday Evening

We had Emma’s birthday party a week before her Birthday but we still celebrated on her actual b-day with a few gifts.  

Here are she and Foster opening her gifts. 

IMG 2871


A gift card for a pedicure with Mommy. 

IMG 2873

IMG 2874

IMG 2878


Barbie wardrobe

IMG 2881


“Rosie Revere. Engineer” book- this is an awesome book for little girls!

IMG 2896

IMG 2898

IMG 2902


It’s so hard to believe our oldest baby is 8 years old!!

Emma’s School Christmas Party

Emma’s School Christmas Party was on December 18th (her Birthday!)  The kids got to do some fun Winter crafts and eat some delicious snacks.

Here are Emma and Nina working on their reindeer headpieces. 

IMG 2845

IMG 2846


IMG 2847

IMG 2850


Ally, Emma, and Tate

IMG 2857


The kids made an awesome pinecone glitter craft! They loved making these. 

IMG 2860

IMG 2861

IMG 2863

IMG 2867

IMG 2869

Foster’s Pre-K Christmas Party

Foster’s Pre-K Christmas Party was early in the morning on December 18th (Emma’s Birthday!)  The kids were very wired and excited and did a fabulous job singing several festive Christmas songs.  He has the sweetest little class!

IMG 0717


Foster and his good buddy Corbin.

IMG 2796

IMG 2799

IMG 2801

IMG 2805

IMG 2826


After singing several songs the kids got to play some fun games and do some fun crafts

IMG 2831

IMG 2835


Foster and his good buddy Henry making a gingerbread man craft

IMG 2840

IMG 2842

Children’s Choir Christmas Program

Foster and Emma had their Christmas Choir program on Sunday, Dec. 14th.  Their groups each sang 3 songs and did a great job! 

This is right after Foster walked on the stage… this is his nervous face!


IMG 2752


“Away in a Manger”… the little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head

IMG 0680

IMG 2755

IMG 2760


“the stars in the sky… look down where he lay”

IMG 2765


Emma’s turn!  Aubrey left, Emma right. 

IMG 2776


This is the face Emma makes when Daddy makes funny faces at her from the audience.

IMG 2777

IMG 2783

IMG 2792