Robin’s Office Decor

Robin’s office at work has been bare for far too long.  His co-workers have been nagging him to decorate and hang something on the walls for some time.  We finally decided it was TIME to get that done right before his Birthday. :) We framed the Baylor panoramic poster and an Avett Brother’s poster and those were the two focal pieces for the room. :)

We brought all 3 kids and my Mom to the office to “help.”  In all seriousness my Mom is a fantastic decorator and she was a huge help. 

IMG 1060

IMG 1058

IMG 1063


Emma making herself very comfortable! 

IMG 1067


This is a view of the larger office from the main commons area- it is a very eclectic space! 

IMG 1068


They have a ping pong table and foosball table for break time! :)  

IMG 1069


We rearranged the greenery in the basket but this is kind of what his office ending up looking like. 

IMG 1071

IMG 1075


Robin was very pleased with the final look.  I’m sure we will add to this as the months go on, but I’m glad it feels a bit more homey for him. 

IMG 1078


Avett Brothers Poster…. we went to this concert last summer.  

IMG 1080

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