Seussical Musical

Emma had her 2nd grade Musical on Tuesday March 3rd.  The theme was Dr. Seuss and the kids were allowed to wear their hair in their favorite “Whooville” style.

IMG 8604

IMG 8605

IMG 8615


IMG 8616

IMG 8629


After the program they had several fun things for the kids do with their families… here she is writing one of our favorite Dr. Seuss books

IMG 8630

IMG 8634

IMG 8637


Mommy and Emma

IMG 1393


Foster and Abby, a friend from his class who has an older brother in Emma’s class!

IMG 1397


Emma and Daddy

IMG 1399


Emma and Nina

IMG 8638


Ironically, their class also had a special Science Enrichment project earlier that day that was rescheduled from the snow day the week before… the kids looked hilarious doing a science experiment with crazy hair!!!

IMG 8598

IMG 8599

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