Snowpocalypse 2015

It snowed in Tulsa from Feb. 27-all through the 28th.  We only got about inches maybe but it was still plenty of snow to play in.  This was a bittersweet weekend because we were supposed to be in Texas with our friends but the weather kept us home. :(

We snuck outside for some quick pictures and about 15 minutes of sledding.  It was SOOOO cold, we didn’t last long.  And no, I didn’t let Cash come out this time. 

IMG 3506

IMG 3510  1

IMG 3516  1

IMG 3518

IMG 3538

IMG 3542

IMG 3565

IMG 3567  1

IMG 3569

IMG 3575  1

IMG 3586

IMG 3591

IMG 3613

IMG 3616  1

IMG 3616  2

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