Valentine Party Day!

Emma and Foster had their Valentine Parties on Friday, Feb. 13th.  Here they are before school… (Foster brought each of his teachers a pot of tulips.)

IMG 1150


Foster’s party was first thing in the morning…

IMG 3355


IMG 3358


I signed up to bring donuts to the party… OK Country Donuts always does a great job. 

IMG 1153

IMG 3361


After singing a few songs the kids played some fun games.  Here he is blowing a q-tip out of a straw! 

IMG 3372


IMG 3379


Making Valentine frames

IMG 3380


Emma’s party was in the late afternoon.  Here she is right before passing out her Valentines…

IMG 3389


Emma and Marissa

IMG 3391


Emma, Marissa, and Ally

IMG 3392


Valentine Party madness! 

IMG 3396


Getting some yummy treats…

IMG 1159


IMG 1163


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