Emma’s Celebration of Learning

Emma’s Celebration of Learning for 2nd Grade was on Friday May 8th.  We started in her Chinese classroom where the teacher asked the kids a series of questions in Chinese and the kids took turns raising their hands to answer- I am always in awe of how much the kids understand!  

IMG 1957


This is a blurry picture but this is a book Emma wrote in Chinese. 

IMG 1960

IMG 1968


Being silly with Mommy!

IMG 1976


Emma and her good friend Aleah

IMG 1977


Unfortunately this is a blurry picture but this is Emma and Mrs. Springman, her 2nd grade teacher!

IMG 1978


Emma showing off some of her school work to me
IMG 1979


Emma and Ally being silly

IMG 1984


Marissa, Emma, and Nina

IMG 1985

IMG 4133

IMG 4139

We are so proud of Emma and are grateful for a great school with great teachers!

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