March/April iphone pics

We had a fairly stormy Spring season.  On March 25th we were at church for Wednesday night Children’s choir when we experienced back to back Tornado warnings.  We took cover in the hallway of the preschool wing and entertained the kids with songs and stories for over an hour!  

IMG 1543


Cash continues to keep us on our toes. He LOVES getting into my makeup!  He triads to put things on his face exactly where the go- for instance he has mascara all over his upper lashes in this picture. :) 

IMG 1554


March and April were very rough months for me health-wise. :(  I experienced several episodes of racing heart and passing out.  There were several days that I was not able to function normally.  I ended up doing some extensive cardiac testing including an echo, 30 day cardiac monitoring, and labs.  It was discovered that I have an autonomic disorder.  When I experience a flare up my heart rate and blood pressure are out of control and I have to slow down and literally lie down.  I am taking a daily beta blocker and that has helped tremendously.  

IMG 1551

IMG 1594


This is just a random picture of the kids and Robin that I snapped one evening before bed. 

IMG 1645


Robin and I were given a special night out as a gift.  We got to go see the Phantom of the Opera at the Tulsa PAC and it was awesome. Though we have seen it many times this time was incredible because the seats were so awesome- the chandelier practically landed on our heads! 

IMG 1693

IMG 1695


A new restaurant, Freddy’s, went in very close to our house and it has quickly become one of our favorite eating spots.  Here is Foster giving his meal a thumbs up. :)

IMG 1684


And here is Cash giving his approval as well!

IMG 1712


Foster and good buddy Corbin ran an errand with me one day to get some Spring flowers- they are such turkeys!

IMG 1714

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