May iPhone pics

I am figuring out that I take a lot more pictures on my phone than on my camera these days because these “iPhone blog posts” are becoming longer and longer!  Here is a very random recap of some of my iPhone pics from the month of May!


Emma thought it would be hilarious to put cucumbers on her eyes while we were eating dinner on the patio at Zoe’s one night!

IMG 1876


I got to have a fun girls night out one night with my Mom, my Aunt Judy, and Cousin Sara… we went to my cousin Haley’s high school play- she did awesome!

IMG 1884


Haley is the one reading the letter. :)

IMG 1890


Over several months we have saved up a TON of coins.  My Uncle Ron gave us a TON more when he moved out of his house in May.  I decided it was time to take the coins to a Coinstar to turn those coins into actual cash. The kids loved it!

IMG 1924

IMG 1925


Not bad!

IMG 1926


This is the 2nd time in a year that the lights have gone out at church on a Sunday morning!  We have learned to improvise with flashlights on our phones.  

IMG 2056


One day after school Marissa came over to play with Emma and they were being very silly posing…

IMG 2132


A few minutes later I looked over and the boys were posing too and asked me to take their picture! :)

IMG 2135


Foster went to a fun Birthday party at Lifetime Fitness one Friday evening and he had so much fun trying to climb the rock wall!

IMG 2139


Foster and Corbin at the Birthday party

IMG 2148

IMG 2152


We had several rain-out soccer games during the Spring season.  Some of our make-up games were played in the rain as well!


IMG 2180

IMG 2181

IMG 2182


At the end of May we went to Mom’s school one Saturday to help her pack her classroom.  The kids had a blast going through all of her stuff.  It was somewhat bittersweet!

IMG 2254

IMG 2256


We had record rainfalls during the month of May.  Our backyard needs some work in the way of grading and drainage. :(  I posted this picture to Facebook one night… we had flash flooding and we could tell there was standing water in our backyard so Robin went out to check if the french drains were actually draining.  He wasn’t taking anything with him and I said, “Aren’t you going to take something with you?”  He looked at the ground and grabbed Foster’s plastic sword! 

IMG 2267

IMG 2270


Memorial Day 2015- visiting Grandpa Charlie’s grave

IMG 2277


We had Braylen over for a play date one day… these two boys are good buddies.  I love watching them together! 

IMG 2319

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