Mom’s Retirement Party

Several of Mom’s teacher friends threw a surprise retirement party for her on Friday, May 8th.  The party was at Los Cabos for dinner and mom was very surprised when she walked in!  She thought she was just having dinner with these two friends: 

IMG 4160


Little did she know all of these people were there to celebrate her!

IMG 4153


Me and Mom:

IMG 2011


IMG 4159


Karen, Mom, and Laura

IMG 4163


Sara and Mom

IMG 4165


The mariachi band from the restaurant serenaded Mom with several songs and we were all cracking up due to Mom’s obvious embarrassment!  They sang “Pretty Woman,
“La Bamba”, and “Take This Job and Shove It!” 

IMG 4172

I am so proud of Mom for finishing her teaching career so well.  She is so loved by her students, parents, and co-workers.  She was an awesome 3rd grade teacher and now I’m grateful that we have our very own private tutor for my kids!

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