Spring Preschool Choir and GA’s Program

Our Preschool choir program was on May 6th in the chapel at our church.  Foster was in the 4 year old choir this year and had a great time learning new songs and singing praises to God.  

Here are Emma and Foster before the program:

IMG 1946


Foster and his buddy, Brody

IMG 1947

IMG 4043

IMG 4066
IMG 4073
IMG 4089
IMG 4094
At the end of the preschool choir program they recognize the kids who have participated in missions that year.  Emma goes to GA’s on Wednesday nights after choir and has learned so much!  
IMG 4125
Emma getting her rose and certificate
IMG 4128
Emma and Aubrey being silly after the program! 
IMG 1949

“Star Factor”

Emma’s church choir program was on May 3rd.  It was called “Star Factor.” It was a very cute play and we were so proud of Emma for doing all of the motions and having a sweet smile on her face!

IMG 1922


Here is where Emma spotted us in the audience. :)

IMG 4025

IMG 4039

IMG 4030


Here are some of Emma’s fan club watching intently! 

IMG 4020

Pre-K Walking Field Trip

On April 30th I got to go on Foster’s “Walking field trip” with his Pre-K class.  It was so fun! 

We started by going to the bank right across from the school.  Here are the “3 amigos” before going into the bank (Henry, Corbin, and Foster.)  

IMG 3764


Inside the bank we learned about how the safety deposit boxes worked… 

IMG 3768

IMG 3774

IMG 3781


We learned how the tellers send money out and the kids got to talk into the intercom system. :)IMG 3783


We learned about counting money…

IMG 3803

IMG 3808


At Walgreens we learned all about the store.  Here are the kids taking a class picture- the photo lab printed a pic of the class and had a copy for each child as we left the store. 

IMG 3826

IMG 3836

IMG 3852


We listened to the pharmacist talk for a little while about medication safety. Foster was crammed in between several girls! 

IMG 3863


Walking back to the school!

IMG 3871


Foster and Henry

IMG 3878

Bird’s Nest on our Porch

We had an awesome visitor or visitor(S) to our house in April in May… in early April Emma started to notice that a bird was building a nest on the fan on our back porch.  This fan is directly outside our windows so we had a front row seat as this Mommy and Daddy bird built their nest, cared for their eggs, and ultimately taught their babies to fly away.  It was so awesome. Feel free to call me the “bird lady” but I took a lot of pictures! I tried to jot down all of the dates and will list things in order here:

April 7th- this is the first day that Emma noticed the birds making a nest.  At first the nest was kind of messy and disorganized but every day they worked on it until it became a very solid structure.  

Photo  52


We had kind of forgotten about the nest for a couple of weeks until the weather was nice… we were on the back porch and I noticed that the Momma bird flew away when we came outside.  It dawned on me that she may have been sitting on eggs!  I put a mirror up to the nest and sure enough there were Four little blue eggs!  This was taken on April 21st.

IMG 1725


That dedicated Momma bird sat on those eggs almost 24 hours a day.  Occasionally the Daddy bird would come over to the nest to talk to her.  She often flew away when me or the kids went onto the back porch but on occasion she sat on the nest even with us outside! Sometimes we could see her attempting to rotate the eggs with her feathers and feet.  This picture was taken on April 27th.  

IMG 3696


Here is the Daddy bird sitting on the fence far away from the nest just “keeping watch.”  He was always close by!

IMG 3707


April 28th: 3 of the birds are hatched!  We noticed a lot of commotion in the nest.  The Mom kept sticking her beak in the nest and the Daddy was making frequent visits… this was because three of the babies were born! 

IMG 3714

IMG 3744



April 29th: All of the eggs are hatched! 4 beautiful baby birds!

IMG 3757


Over the next several days we saw the Mommy and Daddy bird do a LOT of feeding! These babies were always hungry.  It wore me out watching the parents feed them.  I know it’s ridiculous but I drove to a pet store and bought some mealworms for the babies. I put them out in the lawn and while they weren’t gone right at first, the next morning they were all gone. I like to think that the Mom and Dad found them and fed them to their babies! 

IMG 3748


April 30- I love this picture- 2 of the babies sticking their heads up saying “Feed me Momma!”

IMG 3905

IMG 3942


May 1st- here is the Daddy bird feeding some of the babies!  That first week the Mom and Dad took turns feeding the babies.  It was really a team effort!

IMG 4000


The day the birds chose to fly away was Mother’s Day, May 10th.  So fitting!  We had just gotten home from church and we sat and watched the Mom and Dad teach the babies how to fly. It was amazing.  Of course one of the babies was the “most brave” and chose to fly first.  The last one was so frail and scared.  We think that all 4 will grow up to be beautiful healthy birds.  We hope that they chose to use our porch fan as a nesting place next Spring as well.  What an awesome experience for all of us to watch! 

IMG 4207

IMG 4212


Here is the Daddy bird on the ground watching all of his babies fly away. 

IMG 4196

Run 4 Fun

Run 4 Fun took place at the kids school on April 21st.  This was the first year that I had 2 kids participating in the event!

Foster’s class was first thing in the morning and it was still chilly.  They came out very quickly and only ran a couple of laps- I only got one picture of him!

IMG 1721


Emma’s class ran in the afternoon.  Here she is with Marissa right before their warm up. 

IMG 3630


Emma ran most of her laps with her best friend Aubrey.  I just love seeing these girls together!

IMG 3653

IMG 3654
IMG 3658
IMG 3668
IMG 1729

Spurs Game 2015

We were very fortunate to get some awesome seats to a Spurs-Thunder game in OKC.  WE went with our good friends, Lorie and Evan Falat.  I hadn’t been feeling well the previous week but I felt great that night.  It was so good to get out and feel ok.  The Spurs won by a huge margin.  The majority of the crowd was not happy but we were very happy!!  

IMG 1617

IMG 1614

IMG 1609

IMG 1632

IMG 1626

March/April iphone pics

We had a fairly stormy Spring season.  On March 25th we were at church for Wednesday night Children’s choir when we experienced back to back Tornado warnings.  We took cover in the hallway of the preschool wing and entertained the kids with songs and stories for over an hour!  

IMG 1543


Cash continues to keep us on our toes. He LOVES getting into my makeup!  He triads to put things on his face exactly where the go- for instance he has mascara all over his upper lashes in this picture. :) 

IMG 1554


March and April were very rough months for me health-wise. :(  I experienced several episodes of racing heart and passing out.  There were several days that I was not able to function normally.  I ended up doing some extensive cardiac testing including an echo, 30 day cardiac monitoring, and labs.  It was discovered that I have an autonomic disorder.  When I experience a flare up my heart rate and blood pressure are out of control and I have to slow down and literally lie down.  I am taking a daily beta blocker and that has helped tremendously.  

IMG 1551

IMG 1594


This is just a random picture of the kids and Robin that I snapped one evening before bed. 

IMG 1645


Robin and I were given a special night out as a gift.  We got to go see the Phantom of the Opera at the Tulsa PAC and it was awesome. Though we have seen it many times this time was incredible because the seats were so awesome- the chandelier practically landed on our heads! 

IMG 1693

IMG 1695


A new restaurant, Freddy’s, went in very close to our house and it has quickly become one of our favorite eating spots.  Here is Foster giving his meal a thumbs up. :)

IMG 1684


And here is Cash giving his approval as well!

IMG 1712


Foster and good buddy Corbin ran an errand with me one day to get some Spring flowers- they are such turkeys!

IMG 1714

Spring Break Zoo Trip

Today is September 19th and officially 6 months behind on blogging!  I am going to attempt to catch up over the next few days…


This year for Spring Break we stayed home and did some fun things around town- we had a great time!  The weather was beautiful so we headed to the Tulsa Zoo one day and had a great time.

Here are the kiddos standing in some bamboo!

IMG 1473


I love this picture of the boys looking at the meerkats! 

IMG 1482


Foster was the only one brave enough to ride the camel… he rode all by himself and loved it! 

IMG 1491

IMG 1500


Silly kiddos, they really do remind me of monkeys somedays!

IMG 1505

IMG 1510


We had the kids pose for one last picture as we were leaving the zoo.  Clearly, Cash was done!

IMG 1516