Pre-K Walking Field Trip

On April 30th I got to go on Foster’s “Walking field trip” with his Pre-K class.  It was so fun! 

We started by going to the bank right across from the school.  Here are the “3 amigos” before going into the bank (Henry, Corbin, and Foster.)  

IMG 3764


Inside the bank we learned about how the safety deposit boxes worked… 

IMG 3768

IMG 3774

IMG 3781


We learned how the tellers send money out and the kids got to talk into the intercom system. :)IMG 3783


We learned about counting money…

IMG 3803

IMG 3808


At Walgreens we learned all about the store.  Here are the kids taking a class picture- the photo lab printed a pic of the class and had a copy for each child as we left the store. 

IMG 3826

IMG 3836

IMG 3852


We listened to the pharmacist talk for a little while about medication safety. Foster was crammed in between several girls! 

IMG 3863


Walking back to the school!

IMG 3871


Foster and Henry

IMG 3878

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