4th of July

We took some pictures of the kiddos in the backyard for the 4th!

Emma (8 1/2), Foster (5 1/2), Cash (2 1/2)

IMG 2770

IMG 2775


You can’t have the 4th of July without eating some watermelon!

IMG 2781

IMG 2783

IMG 8766


Brotherly love…

IMG 8849


On the actual 4th we went to Jenks as a family for their 4th of July festival.  Here are the kiddos outside of a fire truck.  

IMG 2795


We had lunch at Los Cabos

IMG 2796


ON the evening of the 4th we watched Fireworks with the Zimmerman family.  Here are the kiddos before the fireworks started!

IMG 2806


As we were walking to a spot on the lawn we were scared to death by a flyover that happened RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS!  We seriously thought a plane almost hit our heads. It was SO LOUD and it took several minutes for the kids to recover!

IMG 2812

Although Foster held his hands over his ears the entire evening, we still had a blast watching the fireworks! 

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