Anniversary Getaway New Braunfels style

We were so excited to get away for a couple of days to New Braunfels for our 15th Anniversary!  We were so grateful to grandparents for watching our kiddos for us.

IMG 2698


We met up with our good friends the Kreys and Rowes on the first night for an Avett Brother’s concert… the real reason we went to New Braunfels!  Here we are eating at Gristmill… I had never been there- what a cool place!

IMG 2701

IMG 2702


The concert was amazing!

IMG 2705


As if the Avett brothers at an outdoor concert along the river wasn’t already cool enough, we had fireworks too!

IMG 2739


Our friends left New Braunfels the next day but me and Robin stayed for an extra night.  He were are Sunday morning after going to a local church.

IMG 2713


We ate lunch at the most fantastic brunch place ever! We just got lucky by finding McAdoo’s on the Yelp App.  

Here is my shrimp queso meal- best thing ever!

IMG 2715


Banana’s Foster french toast

IMG 2716


While in New Braunfels we stayed in an adorable bed and breakfast that I found on-line.  It was called The Nut House and was on a Pecan Plantation.  I loved everything about this house!

IMG 2732


IMG 2730IMG 2718


IMG 2736

IMG 2719


IMG 2712


We were both so grateful for a few days away from real life! I love spending quality time with this guy. 

IMG 2740

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