Branson Day 1 & 2

We took a trip to Branson for the 2nd year in a row.  I got to drive the first day because Robin had some church stuff to work on.  Here is our crew ready to go! Poor Nana in the way back!

IMG 2926


We stopped at Lambert’s for lunch on our way to Branson.  The kids loved the waiters walking by with veggies and rolls! Yummy. 

IMG 2929

IMG 2934


After a good night of sleep we all woke up refreshed and ready to go Silver Dollar City.  

IMG 3008

IMG 3014

IMG 3016

IMG 3017


As soon as the park opened my brother and I ran to the “BIG” rides and rode them over and over and over again while there were NO LINES!!

IMG 3023


So adorable- Cash and Daddy on the dalmatians  

IMG 3026


Cash checking out the teacups

IMG 3030

IMG 3034


Nana with Emma and Foster

IMG 3035



Now this is a good Nana right here… she rode the small roller coaster with Emma even though she HATES roller coasters.  IMG 3036


Water rides are always so fun!

IMG 3039

IMG 3041

IMG 3042

We had so much fun at Silver Dollar City!!

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