Branson Trip Day 3 & 4

The day after Silver Dollar City we hung around the resort to play tennis and go swimming! 

Here are little tennis players. :)

IMG 3060

IMG 3053

Lessons with Daddy….

IMG 8960


IMG 8966  1


IMG 3061


IMG 3065

IMG 3066



IMG 8986


It was very hot outside so after about 45 minutes of tennis it was time to jump in the cold pool!

IMG 3076

IMG 9006


IMG 9013


Uncle Boom chilling on the raft 

IMG 9020

IMG 9028


I love this series of pictures of my brother tossing my kids in the water- they had so much fun!

IMG 9034  1

IMG 9035  1


IMG 9056

IMG 9060

IMG 9069  1


IMG 9090  1

IMG 9106  1


We had lunch at the pool and then went to the condo to rest for a bit before our big night out.  

That night we went to the Dixie Stampede for our big event!  You eat dinner with your hands while watching the show. It was really fun!  Their soup was the BEST soup I’ve ever had. I’ve tried to remake it but it wasn’t as awesome as it was at the Dixie Stampede.  


IMG 3080


IMG 9142  1


After the show we went to Cakes n Creams ice cream parlor- it is tradition and it was just as good as we remembered it!

IMG 3115


I have been waiting for this funnel cake for a year exactly. :)
IMG 3117


IMG 3123

IMG 3132

The next morning we woke up, took a few pictures at the local playground and then loaded up and headed home.  


IMG 9167

IMG 9189

IMG 9200

IMG 9213

Branson did not disappoint- we will be back next year!

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