Cash is 2 and a half years old

Cash turned 2 and half on June 11th.  He is the sweetest little addition to our family- I can’t imagine life without him!

IMG 2777


Cash is such a funny kid… he is often in his own world but he completely entertains himself.  Cash is very independent. 

IMG 8784


Cash is very expressive! You always know how he is feeling!

IMG 8789


Cash has a smile that will light up a room. He has not just one but TWO sets of dimples.  

IMG 8822


Cash is smart.  At the age of 2 and half he can already recognize all of his letters and numbers 1-9.  He LOVES books and is already trying to sound out words!

IMG 8832


Everyone who meets Cash or takes care of him tells us- “I just love that kid!” He is endearing.

IMG 8835


This year Cash will be going to Mother’s Day Out just two days a week and I will miss him, but I know it will be good for him.

IMG 8843


Cash is not afraid to try new things- he is our brave child. 

IMG 8851


Cash is SO loved by Emma and Foster.  He is like our little family mascot. 

IMG 8852


I look forward to seeing what Cash does with his life-I have a feeling he is going to do big things!

IMG 8855


I love you little Cash.  Happy 2 and a half years old!

IMG 8875

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