Curry Cousin Reunion

Each year we try to get together with all of the Curry cousins sometime during the month of July.  This year we got together July 22-26th and did a stay-cation and Gigi and Pops house.  

Robin was SO tired before the trip even started.  He had been very busy working on Pastor Search Committee stuff for church and was completely worn out.  I drove on the drive to TX.


IMG 3149


When we got to TX the kids all wanted to ride with Pops everywhere they went. :)

IMG 3152


The first day that we were there we went to the Grapevine Aquarium and the Lego store in the morning.  

IMG 3154

IMG 3161

IMG 3166

IMG 9318


IMG 9322

IMG 3170


Robin, Dirk, and Pops

IMG 3173

IMG 3175

IMG 9230

IMG 9263

IMG 9274



Hanging out at Gigi’s house and coloringIMG 3183


The 2nd day we went to Hawaiian Falls and we had a blast!

IMG 3186


I’m pretty sure Robin pushed Cash down the slide- he was crying in this picture!

IMG 3192



IMG 3196

IMG 3199

IMG 3203

IMG 3220

IMG 3226

IMG 3228


Some of the funnest memories from this trip were spent swimming at Pops and Gigi’s house- the kids had so much fun!

IMG 9342  1


We are so glad Grandmom was able to come to Arlington to see all of the kids

IMG 9347  1

IMG 3243


Robin and his brother Craig 

IMG 3247

IMG 9374  1

IMG 9401

IMG 9399

IMG 9425  1

IMG 9430

IMG 9467

IMG 9507  1

IMG 9534

IMG 9572

IMG 9633

IMG 9680  1

IMG 9704  1

IMG 9706

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