Dentist and Downtown

On August 4th we started the morning with a visit to the dentist for cleanings for all 3 kids and then went to visit Daddy at his work downtown for lunch!

This was Cash’s first “real cleaning” and he did great!

IMG 3365


I love this picture of Foster showing Cash how to open his mouth wide!

IMG 3369


Big sister looking on

IMG 3372


Next we went to visit Daddy at work.  Here is Cash checking out Daddy’s phone!

IMG 3376

IMG 3380


We got to eat at the food trucks that were nearby that day.  The Lone Wolf food truck was awesome! I had a chicken fried rice type dish that was so unique and so yummy. 

IMG 3385


We took a little walk and got to see the train tracks

IMG 3395


Here are the kiddos with Nana standing on the the Center of the Universe!

IMG 3401

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