First Day of School

It seems like our summer flew by SO quickly!  The first day of school was Wednesday, August 19th. We packed their bags the night before…

IMG 3744


The first day of school was rainy and cold!  Big ‘ol bummer for the Moms who love taking pics of their kids with cute little signs in their first day of school outfits. :)  We made the best of it though!

IMG 3749

IMG 9861  1

IMG 3755


Emma asked if she could make her own sign this year… she is growing up too fast!

IMG 9829  1


IMG 9838  1

IMG 9852  1



This was Foster’s first time to ride the bus- he was so excited! I was so thankful he had his big sister Emma to show him the way! IMG 9867


IMG 9885

IMG 3758


IMG 9886


Per tradition, Robin and I followed the bus in our car to the school. :) Cracks me up that we do this. We wanted to make sure he made it to his class safely! 

IMG 9903

Here he is with his good buddy Abby- they were in the same Pre-K class also.  Aren’t they adorable?!

IMG 9916  1

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