Foster passed the swim test

I felt that this occasion deserved it’s very own blog post… On July 25th Foster passed the swim test at Lifetime!  This is a huge deal! 

To pass the swim test you have to swim the length of the pool without touching and without stopping.  You can swim on front or back, you just can’t stand up or touch the wall.  Once you pass the swim test you get a Lifetime wrist band that allows you to swim wherever you want at the pool, in other words you don’t have to stay right by your parents.  Foster had tried the swim test on several occasions but had trouble.  I knew that his main issue was confidence.  So on July 25th we had Landon with us- he is a year older and he was our guest so he had to take the swim test also.  He passed without problem at all and then encouraged Foster to take the test also. He stood on the side of the pool and cheered him on the whole way. It was precious and warmed my heart so much! Foster was SO excited when he got to the end of the pool. I was so excited too!!

IMG 3280


Here is a picture to give you an idea how far he swam- 25 meters to be exact!  Way to go Foster!

IMG 3283

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