June iPhone pics

And here are a few more random pics from June… man we were busy!

One afternoon I took all 3 kids to the mall to get a small prize for a reward and we decided to eat at the food court.

As I mentioned in a previous post Emma wanted these glasses “just for fun.” She is also really into Subway Sandwiches these days! 

IMG 2386


Foster LOVES stuffed animals. He picked this one out for himself- it is a Beanie Boo. 

IMG 2387


Cash got a little dalmatian puppy. 

IMG 2388


On June 6th we had the honor of attending Abbe Meese’s wedding. Here are Nana and Emma at the reception.  Abbe invited a lot of little kids (she loves kids) and had a lot of activities for the kids to do so they wouldn’t be bored.  It was so very sweet. 

IMG 2421

IMG 2423


The beautiful bride! i have known Abbe since she was a little girl.  :)

IMG 2424


We were so excited to finally get to swim at Lifetime! 

IMG 2451


IMG 2467

IMG 2482

IMG 2485


The kids doing “Yoga for Kids” one day- this totally cracked me up! They were all very into it!

IMG 2503

IMG 2504

IMG 2510


Summer Reading Program at the library

IMG 2517

IMG 2521


Robin and i had a blast at the Zoo Waltz again this year! What an extremely fun date night!

IMG 2566


Just a small sampling of some of the awesome food!

IMG 2568

IMG 2589


This is a picture of a picture of us in the photo booth with props. 

IMG 2604


We had a visit from Robin’s Cousin, Jonathan, wife Carolyn and their kiddos.  We had so much fun catching up with them on their way to Branson!

IMG 2611


Emma had Aubrey over for a sleepover one night and they decided to sleep in the tent. :)

IMG 2636

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