Mommy-Emma time Pinkitzel

When it was time to drive to OKC to pick up Nana and Foster from their train ride I decided to take Emma so we could have some Mommy-Emma time.  My kids TREASURE one-on-one time and I try to be very purposeful about including a lot of it in our busy days.

When we got to OKC we stopped at Pinkitzel and spent about an hour there shopping and eating some goodies.  

IMG 3596

IMG 3600

IMG 3602

I absolutely love time with just Emma- especially since she is my only daughter!

IMG 3609


Next we headed to the train station. We had to wait for about 30 minutes because the train was running late. It was pretty late at night and Nana said Foster fell asleep for the last 20 minutes of the train ride.  Here are Emma and Foster right after he got off the train. Bro and Sis reunited!

IMG 3614

IMG 9828

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