Oklahoma City: Train Trip

It has become tradition for my Mom to take my kiddos on a train ride from OKC to Forth Worth Texas when they are 5 years old, the summer before they start Kindergarten. When they get to Fort Worth they stay with Pops and Gigi for a couple of days and then take the train back to OKC. This is such a fun tradition and I am so thankful to my Mom for being such a cool Nana.  Foster has been talking about this trip since Emma got to go on the trip 3 years ago! 

We woke up bright and early on August 7th and had breakfast at the hotel and then took the 2 minute drive to the train station.  

IMG 3532


Foster and Nana getting ready to board the train!

IMG 3534

IMG 3539


I love this picture of Foster with his favorite stuff animal, “Lightning.”

IMG 3545

IMG 3549


The rest of the crew waiting to wave good bye!

IMG 3553


Just for fun- here is a picture of Nana and Emma exactly 3 years earlier taking the same trip! Emma 5 1/2 years old on left, Foster 5 1/2 years old on the right.

IMG 3564


After the train left we went back to the hotel to pack up our things and then headed out to have lunch at Pops in Arcadia.  This was our first time here and it did not disappoint!

IMG 3571

IMG 3577

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