Oklahoma City Trip: State Capital Tour

On August 6th we took a trip with Nana to OKC so she and Foster could take a train ride to TX the next day.  We made it to OKC just in time to take a tour of the State Capital.  I was a little nervous about bringing 3 small children on a tour but they did great!

IMG 3443


There are so many things about the capital that are just stunning- here is a view of the dome from the inside looking up!

IMG 3449


Getting ready to go into the Supreme Court…

IMG 3450


Cash, Robin, and Emma sitting in the Oklahoma Supreme Court

IMG 3456

IMG 3459

IMG 3463

IMG 3470

IMG 3483


The boys with Jim Thorpe

IMG 3486


Emma and Cash standing with Sequoyah who wrote the Cherokee Alphabet

IMG 3492

IMG 3498

IMG 3503


We decided to drive by the Ten Commandments statue… it had been in the news in recent days and was set to be removed from the Capital grounds.  Robin wanted to get a picture before it was gone. 

IMG 3504

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