SMAK Program: Amerikids

Emma attended SMAK from June 6-10th and had an awesome time. This was Emma’s 2nd time to attend “Big SMAK” as we call it (as opposed to little pre-smak that the younger kids attend!)

The program was called Amerikids and it was a really impressive Patriotic play.  

IMG 4877

IMG 4879


Here is Emma’s fan club: Nana, Cash, Foster, Mommy, Judy, and Daddy the photographer. 

IMG 4881


Nana was SO excited that Emma was holding the Kansas sign since that is where Nana is from!

IMG 4884  1

IMG 4888  1


Philip Stephens is our Minister of Music and we absolutely adore he and his wife Mary Ann.  We are forever indebted to them for the way they have poured into the music program at South Tulsa Baptist Church for both adults and children!

IMG 4899

IMG 4916  1


Emma had a special little “movement” part during one of the songs and she did a great job!

IMG 4930

IMG 4960


Mackenzie, Kinley, and Emma… love these pictures after the program!  I am so thankful for friends that Emma feels so comfortable with!

IMG 4986

IMG 4982

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