Swim Lessons

We did swim lessons through Jane Witt for the 2nd summer in a row.  The kids made so much progress las summer and we were excited to see even more progress a year later!  Swim lessons were Monday-Thursday June 1-11th.  

Here are the kiddos in the locker room before class one day.  I owe Nana a HUGE thank you for helping get the kids to and from lessons several days in a row!  She had to sit in a hot locker room during two hours of lessons!

IMG 4801


Emma’s observation day:

IMG 4809

IMG 4824

IMG 4832

IMG 4842

IMG 4847


Emma swam from one end of the pool to the other! She had some trouble with her breathing- lifting her head too far out of the water so that is something we will continue to work on… but she made it from one end to the other!

IMG 4848


Foster’s observation day:

IMG 4858

IMG 4872

Overall it was a great session of swim lessons, we are proud of both of our kiddos!

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